K2fly to deliver more software services to FMG

Fortescue Metals Group has signed an agreement with K2fly Limited for software development services with a Total Contract Value (TCV) of $1.2 million.

The services will be provided on a time and materials basis over an expected period of six months.

K2fly is an ASX-listed technology provider of enterprise-level resource governance solutions for ‘net positive impact’ in Environmental, Social and Governance compliance, disclosure and technical assurance, to operations of mining and asset intensive industries through its platform-based Saas cloud solutions.

KDfly chief executive officer Nic Pollock said Fortescue was already using a number of the company’s platform solutions.

“They have engaged us for software development services in other areas of their business, which are additional one-off revenues for K2fly and are also generated from time to time with other K2fly clients,” he said.

“We deliver a suite of solutions across three key areas on a single platform: natural resource governance, mineral resource governance and technical assurance.”

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