JCB launch world’s safest skid steers into Australia

JCB has launched what it says as the world's safety skid steers loaders.

Speaking to the company at its launch yesterday, JCB explained that these new generation of skid steers are the first in a range of new equipment to be released in to the Australian market, with new wheel loaders, backhoes, and telehandlers slated to hit Australia's shores soon.

The new tracked and wheeled skid steers launched yesterday feature a single power boom and a side entry, negating one of the most unsafe practices of skid steer usage – front entry.

George Chaney, JCB's skid steer international sales manager, told Australian Mining that as these vehicles are a single boom machine and have a side entrance, it means that operators no longer have to climb over the attachment to enter the cab and as there is only one arm their visibility has also dramatically improved.

"By having a single boom it increases the visibility of the operator by around 60% over twin boom models," Chaney said.

"This new generation of machines has around 270°of vision against the competitors 160°," he explained.

This was confirmed by Australian Mining after entering the cab and checking the vehicle's blindspots compared to most twin boom skid steers.

He went on to say that "this visibility is also improved as we are able to use laminated glass instead of mesh, which also improves user visibility as you don't need to protect the operator from the two booms".

According to JCB's regional manager for the Pacific region, John Smith, the company's new 467zx 23.8 tonne wheel loader will arrive in Australia later this year.

It will also release the heavy duty 5CX Backhoe, which some in the company described to Australian Mining as "a backhoe on steroids, it is the largest one in the world".

JCB will launch these vehicles to the public at next week's QME.



To find out more about the new vehicles read the upcoming September edition of Australian Mining. 

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