Integrated motion control

GE FANUC has released a 2-axis module motion controller that allows users to integrate motion control, servos (or steppers), and low-end control.

The product ensures the compatibility of logic control, motion control and servos.

The module supports a speed command range of 6.25 K to 500 K pulses per second.

Up to two modules can be connected to the product for a total of four independent axis.

Motion sequences can be executed one at a time via the controller, or programmed in a multi-move sequence.

Motion sequences are created and modified with pull down menus to speed motion profile creation and changes.

Users can store up to 256 moves on the module to be executed one at a time, or combined for multiple blended moves.

The configuration tool places the sequences in a spreadsheet type format for easy viewing and documentation. Users can optimise acceleration profiles based on application requirements.

S-curve acceleration reduces wear on system mechanical components enhancing system reliability and allowing liquid materials to be transported without spilling.

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