Insider view helps improve feedwell design

The June 2008 issue of CSIRO’s Process magazine is now available. To download a pdf of Process, visit:

In this issue:

  • Insider view helps improve feedwell design: a better understanding of the physiochemical workings at play in the often murky depths of a thickener’s feedwell has helped one of the world’s leading thickener suppliers make what could be the first significant design change to these crucial units in more than a decade.
  • Sulfidic waste offers hidden mineral wealth: research is mapping the way for mining companies to exploit hidden mineral wealth in tailings using simple separation processes.
  • Direct route solves metallurgical challenge: international company Baja Mining is planning to use a direct solvent extraction system developed through the Perth-based Parker Centre to help recover copper and zinc from its El Boleo deposit in Mexico.
  • Bell rings on coal congestion: a prototype on-line alarm system that uses acoustic emissions to monitor the performance of dense medium cyclones has been successfully trialled at a Hunter Valley coal plant and is now ready to move to the commercial stage.
  • On-the-spot analysis offers fast results: a recently developed technique that uses lasers to provide an on-the-spot analysis of elemental composition has the potential to save mining companies both time and money.

Other stories include: Video eye spies bath contamination; Barrier keeps gas in its place; and Light levels pinpoint collector needs.

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