Innovative Mining Solution category

BASF Construction Chemicals Australia is again sponsoring Australian Mining’s Innovative Mining Solution category.

This category recognises new technologies and innovative processes or techniques that have led to improvements in mining operations.

Finalists have included mining services provider Burket Fluid Control Systems which developed a solution for faster and more effective pneumatic actuation in dirty and wet mining and mineral processing developments.

The solution addressed dual concerns of both protecting the pilot valves while ensuring a high flow rate of pneumatic air delivered at the point of use.

2007 Winner

JS Melbourne Controls won the Innovative Mining solution award for their Hydro De wetter design that is capable of mixing hydrophobic materials and powders in mining processes.

The innovation also eliminates heavy lifting when mixing flocculants, polymers, and other powders.

Wetting-out carbon powder for safe disposal as a liquid is commonly used at mine sites and minerals processing plants.

Powder activated carbon is common in gold processing, and is one of the most difficult products to mix with liquid.

The innovation was developed following years R&D of the hydro-shear principle.

There are no moving parts in the design, eliminating wear and abrasion on the equipment, and there is no risk of workers being caught in moving parts.

2006 Winner

Anglo Coal Australia’s Callide Mine won the innovative mining solutions award in 2006 for their Advanced equipment dragline simulator.

Anglo Coal Australia developed the simulator in conjunction with Immersive Technologies in response to industry requests for a safe and effective training environment for dragline operators.

This was a significant undertaking and provided multiple technical challenges for the simulation company. This process would provide a platform for trainee operators to become familiar with the machine movements in a non-production role.

Not only does this reduce the losses and downtime, but also reduces the level of anxiety in the new operator, traditionally faced with the responsibility of $100million worth of equipment.

Following a thorough consulting period with Anglo Coal Australia to develop base requirements for the simulator operation, an intensive development plan was put into place including detailed research of dragline machines, their dynamics and the soil interaction they experience.

The dragline provided greater simulation challenges than previous machine simulations such as trucks and shovels which only have fixed point interaction.

The dragline’s bucket, ropes and jewellery have complete freedom of movement, requiring complex dynamic models to create a realistic simulation.

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Entries close Friday 27 June.

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