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Industry paper: Custom fire suppression solutions for safer mining

Every day, mining professionals in remote areas across Australia face some of the toughest conditions of any industrial setting.

Extreme weather can put workers through intense heat and high humidity, while dust and noise challenge the senses. But one of the biggest threats to any safe mining operation is fire – and there’s a long list of fire risks specific to Australian mines. 

Overheating or malfunctioning equipment such as excavators, loaders, or crushers; electrical systems operating in damp environments; friction and sparks near stockpiles of combustible materials – to name a few.

This means robust, tailored fire suppression systems are crucial to ensuring mining businesses stay fire safe – for the sake of their equipment, their people, and the environment.  

This industry paper discusses the challenges Australian mining organisations face in regards to fire, and solutions in the form of custom Muster Fire suppression. 

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