Inca finds strong mineralisation at Cerro Rayas

Australian producer Inca Minerals has discovered strong mineralisation returns for zinc, lead and silver at a 1.5km corridor at its Cerro Rayas project in Peru.

Three sites, Vilcapuquio, Torrepata (the largest) and Wari, produced particularly strong results; the top 10 channel sample assay results indicate zinc levels abovve 30 per cent and lead levels above 20 per cent, with an average of 37 and 28 per cent respectively.

The top channel for zinc and lead combined showed levels over 56 per cent. The surface of Cerro Rayas shows 27 breccias with dolomitic Mississippi Valley-type (MVT) limestone.

“Several of the known breccias are exposed along the access track to Torrepata, where soil has been removes in the making of the track,” explained Ross Brown, managing director of Inca. “It is reasonable to believe that more breccias may occur beneath the wide areas of grassland at the project.

“The identification of Mississippi Valley-type mineralisation at times above 50 per cent combined zinc-lead heralds a very positive start to exploration at Cerro Rayas.”

As might be expected, the three drill targets each contain different mineral ratios. Vilcapuquio mine is believed to contain more zinc, while Torrepata has more lead. Wari meanwhile has a roughly equal amount of lead, zine and silver overall.

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