IMARC 2023: A glance into the opportunities in Mongolia

IMARC 2023 will discuss the benefits and challenges of operating locally in both Australia and Mongolia.

The Government of Mongolia Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry will host a Mongolia session at the Global Opportunities Theatre at IMARC on 31 October from 14:00 – 15:30, which will cover:

  • geology sector policy
  • changes, reforms, and investment opportunities of Erdenes Mongol Group companies
  • Khan Altai gold project phase two development opportunities
  • discovering and defining world class mineral deposits in Mongolia
  • battery mineral exploration in Mongolia
  • international collaboration in the mineral sector.

“This will be a fantastic and rare opportunity to showcase the relationship between Australia and Mongolia and the way they’re working together to address global challenges like the energy transition, and the advanced and latest technology that’s needed to assist with this,” IMARC event director Paul Phelan said.

Davaasuren Damdinsuren, Ambassador of Mongolia to Australia said that the number of foreign companies interested in Mongolia has increased significantly in recent years.

“The majority of Chinese companies are investing in the coal sector, while Canadian firms are concentrating more on copper and gold projects,” he said.

“Australian companies have been active in the production of coal bed methane gas from coal seams, whereas the extraction of uranium oxide from the world-class Zuuvch Ovoo project is being carried out in collaboration with French mining company, Orano Mining Group.”

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