How to stop forced outages and reduce production losses in mineral processing facilities

Mineral processing facilities that refine and smelt copper, alumina, ferronickel, platinum and steel experience metal wastage within their mission-critical equipment, including converter furnaces, smelter furnaces, and off-gas ducting.

Integrated Global Services (IGS) is the industry leader in the development and in-situ application of high-velocity thermal spray (HVTS).

The company has more than 30 years of experience helping customers solve metal wastage problems in mission critical equipment.

In this whitepaper, learn more about:

  • problem areas and equipment-specific issues
  • waste heat boilers
  • baghouses
  • off-gas ducting and cooling parts
  • stacks and ESPS
  • comparison chart and project execution
  • material science
  • case studies

To find out more about the solutions available to avoid forced outages and production losses, download the whitepaper below:

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