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How to maximise water efficiency in mining

When it comes to water usage, the mining industry is often pitted in opposition to the communities and other industries that also rely on this essential natural resource.

And while the industry’s approach to sustainability has certainly matured in recent decades, the fact remains that mining’s water management responsibilities are proportional to the inherent risks they pose.

But as mining continues to be fundamental to an evolving society – including the production of almost every green technology, from solar panels to electric vehicles – balance must be sought.

For Australian mining businesses, this means optimising processes for water efficiency, ensuring responsible treatment of wastewater, and managing water use in arid locations.

This whitepaper will explore the water efficiency challenges facing Australian mining businesses, and how the industry can rise to meet those challenges.

It also highlights the role played by industry-leading pump suppliers such as Grundfos, in partnering with these businesses to pioneer solutions for reliable water management.

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