How MEA tackles the importance of compliance in generator sets and welding

Mobile Energy Australia’s (MEA) SmartWeld design removes any safety ambiguity regarding frequency requirements for Australian work sites and mine sites.

MEA has addressed any confusion relating to frequency requirements of the type of tools or frequency of motors used, “the vital regulatory question” (are they 50Hz or 60 Hz ?).

The SmartWeld is a 500 Amp 50 Hz, 60 CFM/150 PSI three in one, Generator Welder Air Compressor.

When designing the SmartWeld 500-Air, MEA decided that due to developments by welder manufacturers around the world in inverter technology, the sensible/sustainable option was to bespoke an engine drive generator, and utilise advanced rotary screw compressor technology.

The SmartWeld electrical wiring is to AS/NZS 3010:2017 Electrical Installations – Generating Sets are wired to AS 3000:2018 Wiring Rules.

MEA has invested thousands of hours into the development of engine driven compressor systems, thus making it less problematic to enhance the SmartWeld design.

Working closely in conjunction with a generator manufactures, during the design phase, the comapny noted that industry operators would like to have more AC power while gouging at 500 Amps for their accessory tools, blower fans or other equipment.

The SmartWeld 500 Air design allows for an extra 8Kva of AC power when Arc Air Gouging with the Esab Warrior 500 or equivalent 500 amp machines.

Other operational factors that were considered included decibel rating, soundproofing, optional breathing air, dual application and the highest level of safety features.

The result was in the SmartWeld becoming soundproofed, and the enclosure noise level is a constant 79 dba while at its continuous engine speed of 1500 RPM.

The other advantage of constant speed is the compressor delivers a steady 60 CFM at 150 PSI with air on demand-supply at 100 per cent duty cycle. The system is fully capable of running two wire feeder systems with the optional integration of breathing air supply.

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