Honeymoon has begun

Construction has begun at South Australia’s $118 million Honeymoon uranium mine.

The mine, which is jointly owned by Japan’s Mitsui and Canada’s Uranium One, represents the first foray by a Japanese investor in Australia’s uranium industry.

Premier Mike Rann congratulated the joint venture mine on creating more than 180 jobs for the region.

“While 120 jobs are being created now in the construction phase, the joint venture partners expect to create about 60 jobs at the new mine early next year when the project steps up to full production,” Rann said.

Once completed, the Honeymoon mine will be capable of producing 400 tonnes of uranium oxide a year worth about $80 million to South Australia’s tally of annual mineral exports.

“The jobs being created by South Australia’s mining industry here at Honeymoon but also in the other mines currently operating in this State continues to defy the national trend,” Rann said.

“The CEO of Iluka has confirmed that the Jacinth-Ambrosia project is on track to begin operations in 2010.

“South Australia now has 11 mines in construction and production, including Iluka Resources’ Jacinth-Ambrosia heavy mineral sands project near Eucla and the Oz Minerals’ Prominent Hill copper and gold mine, with an additional 20 mines working towards production.”

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