Hinchliffe stops Toowoomba coal exploration

Queensland mining minister Stirling Hinchliffe will deny approval to a coal mining exploration application within Toowoomba.

Hinchliffe stated that an application by Civil and Mining Resources to explore for coal under EPC2409, in the urban areas of Toowoomba, will not receive approval.

He said that people in the city “have had enough of putting up with unreasonable exploration”.
“It’s clear to me that this latest bid by Civil and Mining Resources is largely speculative and would cover populated urban centres.

“While there is very little chance that exploration would turn up viable resources, (member for North Toowoomba) Kerry Shine has stressed to me the importance of community certainty,” Hinchliffe said.
“That’s why we’ve ended speculation here and now.”

He went on to say that the state will review the entire mining exploration process, and that permits to explore which have already been granted remain valid but will come under close scrutiny if they progress to an actual application for a mining lease.

“Limits on exploration already exclude areas close to people’s homes and the success rate for exploration is historically very low,” Hinchliffe said.

“But there are community concerns and that’s why I’ve directed senior mines staff to investigate if guidelines for exploration near populated urban centres need to be changed.”

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