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Hengst Filtration Cyclone Effect

Global leader in filtration technology headquartered in Münster Germany, Hengst Filtration, has introduced its innovative Cyclone Effect filtration technology to the Australian market.

This cutting-edge filtration solution enables enhanced efficiency, productivity, and significant cost savings for hydraulic and industrial filtration systems in mining, steel, and manufacturing industries.

Forced flow onto a cyclone like path. Image: Hengst Filtration

Innovative Cyclone Effect technology

The Hengst Cyclone Effect represents a ground-breaking advancement in filtration advancement. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of industrial applications, this patented technology optimises filtration performance while sustainably reducing operating costs.

By redesigning the filter material, Hengst has significantly improved the dirt-holding capacity of its filters; this also extends the replacement intervals which means less labour, parts and disposal costs.

How the Cyclone Effect works

The Cyclone Effect technology works by altering the way the medium interacts with the filter element.

Instead of flowing directly at the filter, the medium enters tangentially, which creates a helical flow pattern around the filter element.

This innovative approach has several key benefits for machine and equipment operators:

  1. Efficient dirt separation: The helical flow pattern transports heavy dirt particles to the outside of the filter element. This prevents premature blocking of the filter pores and enhances the overall efficiency of the filtration process.
  2. Increased dirt-holding capacity: By preventing premature clogging, the Cyclone Effect increases the dirt-holding capacity of the filter by 7-10 per cent, depending on flow velocity and conditions. This extended capacity allows for more uptime and longer service intervals between filter replacements.
  3. Reduced maintenance and disposal costs: The increased efficiency and dirt-holding capacity of filters mean that businesses can reduce labour and material costs associated with filter servicing and replacement. Additionally, fewer filter changes lead to lower disposal costs, contributing to overall cost savings and greater sustainability.

For critical and demanding industries such as mining, steel, and manufacturing; combined with the harsh operating conditions found in Australia; reliable filtration is critical to ensuring the longevity and performance of machines, systems and your business operation.

Heavy dirt particles collect in the beads of the filter bowl. Image: Hengst Filtration

Hengst Cyclone Effect technology is specifically designed to meet these challenges of system reliability and operational efficiency.

With over six decades of expertise, Hengst continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in filtration technology.

By redesigning and creating an innovative solution for enhancing dirt-holding capacity, extending filter replacement intervals, and reducing maintenance costs; Hengst Filtration’s Cyclone Effect technology offers a powerful combination of efficiency and sustainability.

For more information visit: www.hengst.com

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