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Hastings Deering simplifyies component repair options

Hastings Deering has developed a range of component repair options, tailored towards the unique circumstances of the mining and construction industries.

With four, simplified options covering new, exchange, rebuild and return and repair and return, the Component Repair options are designed to cater for the customer operational requirements and operational needs.

New component option

The New Component option provides a replacement component built by Caterpillar, with brand-new componentry, brand-new parts and comes with a new component warranty. Straight from the factory, this option replaces your old component with a new component.

Darrin Lingard, operations excellence manager says the Hastings Deering new component range is exactly that, it’s a new factory-built component from Caterpillar.

Caterpillar machines and components are built to be rebuilt.

“Not only are you purchasing a first life, but you’re purchasing subsequent lives after that, so long-term costs with purchasing a new component are substantially reduced over time.” says Lingard.

Exchange component option

The Exchange Component offering includes two options, a Cat Reman Component or a HD Reman Component manufactured by Caterpillar and Hastings Deering respectively.

Both are built to OEM specifications using genuine Cat parts. The benefits of an exchange component are the speed of repair and the reduction in downtime.

Lingard says that the HD Reman offering has been designed to offer the same customer experience as the Cat Reman offering where customers can take an off-the-shelf component in exchange for a used component.

The ability to offer an upfront parts transaction, ensures that downtime on machinery is minimised when selecting this option.

“The benefit of our new HD Reman Component Exchange offering is that we can now provide on the spot pricing, a price guarantee, provide a quote, confirm availability, and delivery times of those components at the time of enquiry,” Lingard says.

Repair and return option 

Scott Richardson, marketing and service solutions manager says the Repair and Return option provides complete flexibility with the repair and extends the life of components. This option allows a customer to rebuild their own component, to their own specifications.

“This option ensures our customers will get maximum life from their components at the lowest cost per hour,” Richardson says.

Rebuild and return option 

The Rebuild and Return Option allows a customer to rebuild their own component back to a brand-new component specification.

This option is ideal for a customer to save cost when downtime is not critical.

“Our rebuild and return option takes the customers own iron and rebuilds it back to OEM specifications to provide a new life for that component,” Richardson says.

“This option provides an as-new component, at a lower cost for a customer that can afford a little more downtime.”

Production and uptime are important to both mining and construction customers, and Hastings Deering has tailored the repair options to cater to all customer requirements regardless of industry.

“For a construction customer, onsite productivity is as important as a mining customer. Therefore, the requirements around saving costs and saving downtime are equally important between each industry,” Lingard says.

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