Hand crushed in pinch-point

THE Queensland Department of Mines and Energy (DME) has released a safety bulletin warning of the dangers of pinch points in longwall equipment.

The alert comes after a shearer operator crushed his hand in a Longwall Bretby Cable Handler.

According to the bulletin, the incident was caused when the worker attempted to remove debris from a Bretby loop while the shearer was moving.

“Two similar incidents occurred recently where operators have been injured while trying to clear stone/coal from the Bretby in the active cable tray,” DME mines inspector Doug White said.

White recommends that mines recognise that the Bretby is a moving part of a machine and ensure that it is incorporated in the Energy Isolation procedures in the Safety and Health Management System.

According to the bulletin, mines should review the operation of the Bretby and longwall training procedures, and reduce pinch points.

Key contact:

Mike Walker

Mine Inspector

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