Green biodiesel trial

ALCOA operations in Western Australia are trialling biodiesel blended with diesel at Alcoa’s Willowdale mine site.

The trial is due to run for about six months, using a total of three million litres of biodiesel blend, which will contain 5% biodiesel, according to Willowdale mine commercial manager.

The 5% biodiesel blend was chosen, based on this being the maximum amount required by equipment manufacturers, according to Peckover.

“Our fuel supplier Caltex will provide us with a B5 (5%, 95% petroleum diesel) blend which we will use in all of our operating equipment including trucks, front end loaders, excavators, graders, scrapers and bulldozers,” he said.

According to Alcoa, Caltex will source the biodiesel from a commercial supplier and has quality control processes in place to guarantee specifications of the B5 blended product.

The fuel will be produced from both tallow and canola.

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