Goods tracking solution a game changer for global mining industry

Keeping track of everything that moves on and off site from a box of bolts to an entire engine that is being sent out for repair is a must for any efficient mining operation.

It’s vital to accurately track, communicate and improve the Goods Out process and Urgent Freight register as these areas continue to cost mining companies significant amounts of money and time.

Now, with Intov8’s game changing POLR Goods Tracking (GT) application, mining companies are significantly improving warehouse efficiency and boosting their productivity.

Intov8 is an Australian-owned and operated company that provides software solutions to some of the world’s largest mining companies.

Its innovative technology is attracting the attention of mining sites globally.

POLR stands for Path of Least Resistance and that’s exactly what it delivers.

With the POLR GT application, mining companies say goodbye to cumbersome log books and spreadsheets when it comes to Goods Out and Urgent Freight.

The application is seamlessly integrated into any system as a smart alternative to old fashioned manual warehouse procedures.

With POLR GT data is tracked and controlled from one central point.

Multiple users at different security levels across the mining site still provide input, but now there is instant visibility on where each item is located.

This reduces the number of phone enquiries to virtually zero – saving warehouse management and their team valuable time and money.

POLR GT also stores the tracking numbers and automatically links with the transport service provider, ensuring greater visibility and reduced lost and missing items.

The application is especially useful for site shutdown when it is important to track all goods that leave the site – in particular, rotable spares.

Now, when a person wants to send an item off site they simply call the warehouse and a tracking document is created instantly. The same applies for “special” items (when an item is considered urgent). Sometimes multiple “specials” (Urgent Freight items) are requested the same day, when one delivery would have been suitable.

The end result is greater visibility, improved efficiency and ease of use.

With POLR GT, mining companies experience a substantial reduction in the number of lost items.

This innovative software can be seamlessly integrated into any system as a smart alternative to old fashioned manual warehouse procedures.

For more information: www.intov8.com.au

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