Going for gold with Mag-Shield

When a Cat 994K loader at a US gold mine experienced a hydraulic cylinder failure, the mine called in the team at Mag-Shield.

The challenge

A CAT 994K loader at a US Gold Mine experienced a hydraulic cylinder failure which led to total contamination of the hydraulic system. The cylinder was replaced and the hydraulic system cleaned before returning the machine to service.

Due to the inherent difficulty of cleaning the hydraulic system after the initial failure, ferrous debris smaller than the micron rating of the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) media filter continued to circulate. The resultant impact was a secondary failure of the hydraulic pump.

The solution

After spending considerable time exploring different potential solutions, the Gold Miner decided to install a Mag-Shield kit in the main hydraulic tank.

After a quick turnaround in delivery and easy installation, there was renewed hope that this solution would provide ongoing filtration, effectively addressing residual ferrous material from the failure and routine wear debris generated during standard operation.

The results

The Mag-Shield efficiently captured a substantial amount of debris, preventing its circulation through the hydraulic system and averting further damage.

Post-failure cleanup was expedited by 50 per cent, resulting in significant savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars in downtime. Since the repair, the machine has operated seamlessly without encountering any issues.

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