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Glencore shows off Mt Isa assets

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Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has visited Glencore’s Mount Isa mines to discuss the importance of metals and minerals.

The Mt Isa copper-zinc mines are located in Mount Isa, Queensland, and are home to the only copper smelter and refinery in the state.

Glencore head of zinc and copper business Sam Strohmayr said the company had been looking forward to welcoming the Prime Minister to the site.

“We were delighted to host the Prime Minister and pleased that he was able to take time to visit our zinc operations,” Strohmayr said.

“We were also grateful to have the opportunity to discuss the increasing importance of metals and minerals in Australia and the contribution our operations make to the region.

“Mount Isa is one of Australia’s most successful mining towns and this is in large part to the support we get from the community.”

Glencore’s Queensland metals business employed over 4400 people in 2022, and contributed $2.4 billion to the economy.

This number included $1.7 billion spent on goods and services, which allowed the company to work with approximately 2130 local suppliers.

In 2022, Glencore spent $1.25 billion in investment commitments in transition metals, including spending $475 million to acquire the remaining 56.25 per cent interest in the MARA copper project in the Catamarca province of Argentina.