Fuel reduces carbon emissions

A Professor from the University of Western Australia’s centre for petroleum, fuels and energy has developed a fuel additive that has the ability to deliver fuel savings and engine performance improvements.

Professor Dongke Zhang was commissioned by BHP Billiton to investigate the potential for using the FTC/FPC combustion catalysts in diesel powered mining equipment.

Early investigation at BHP’s Mt Keith Nickel mine showed large savings in Caterpillar dump trucks.

The FTC/FPC catalyst produces reductions in fleet diesel use and Greenhouse emissions of 5-9%.

In 2007, BHP Billiton used in excess of 1400ML of diesel, which accounted for more than 5% of Australia’s total diesel consumption.

“Any improvement in energy efficiency of engines fuelled on diesel will have significant implications in the nation’s sustainable energy and economic development,” Zhang said.

Zhang said the fuel additive could reduce engine emissions, lower engine noise and reduce carbon deposition in cylinders and fuel injectors, therefore easing engine maintenance requirements.

Professor Zhang will present his findings to the 7th Asia Pacific conference on Combustion in Taipei.

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