Fortescue’s Forrest slams greenies as “spoilt children”

Fortescue's Andrew Forrest has compared "extremist" environmentalists to 'spoilt children'.

His comments came yesterday at the annual Pastoralists and Graziers Association of WA convention, according to The West.

Despite being one of the faces of Australian mining, Forrest is entrenched in Western Australia's farming history, and three years ago bought back his family's Pilbara cattle station Minderoo.

Speaking at the event Forrest said farmers are "the greatest environmentalists I know", adding that those who had cleared too much land in the past were simply acting on the best science available at the time.

"Now I hear 'Hang on, they razed thousands of acres to the ground, they cleared way too much, they did this, they did that'. Absolutely they did, on the best science available," he said.

"If we could just look at your career Mr Critic of the farmer and just wind back through what you did and wind back through what your forebears did, I can assure you their mistakes were bigger on the best science available as well."

He went on to say that many of these environmentalists and Greens were too far removed from primary industry.
"I think extremism and over- regulation are very real issues," Forrest said.

"When you spend your life going for everything you need down to Coles, and after a generation or two you are separated from where all that came from, you are separated from the reality that the food in your belly and the roof above your head all came from primary industry, you tend to take things for granted a lot like spoilt children will take things for granted."

His comments echo those of Mount Isa MP Rob Katter, son of Bob Katter.

Rob Katter has called for 'green tape' regulations to be cut to unlock land for miners and farmers, and slammed what he called "environmental extremists" for holding the government to ransom.

Katter explained that this bill is aimed at allowing people to develop natural resources for the benefit of the community, and the government is beholden to "environmental extremists".

"Legislation in Queensland must ensure that, collectively and as individuals, our society can make best use of the environment," he stated.
"Miners cannot make the best use of the environment when rich natural resources in empty tracts of land are locked away by extremists living thousands of kilometres away in latte land."

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