Fortescue safe from bushfire burning in Pilbara

Fortescue Metal Group’s Solomon Hub iron ore operation in the Pilbara has been affected by a large bushfire over the past week.

A media report stated that the blaze was burning south of the Solomon airstrip, down a Rio Tinto access road and Hamersley Road near the Solomon mine site for around four days.

The Solomon Hub in the Hamersley Ranges is 60 kilometres north of Tom Price and 120 kilometres to the west of Fortescue’s Chichester Hub.

The blaze appeared to be in close proximity to the Solomon Hub, which is comprised of the Firetail and Kings Valley mines whose combined production capacity amount to 70 million tonnes a year.

“All fires in proximity to our Solomon operations are now contained or no longer burning,” Fortescue chief executive Elizabeth Gaines told Australian Mining in a statement.

“All of our people are safe and after a short cessation, normal operations resumed last week with no damage to our mining and site infrastructure.”

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