Fortescue, REMA TIP TOP to provide Indigenous traineeships

Fortescue has released its December 2022 quarterly production results, with the company achieving record results.

Fortescue Metals Group has joined forces with contracting partner REMA TIP TOP to offer belt splicing traineeships for Aboriginal Australians.

Aboriginal trainees will receive training on how to install, maintain and repair conveyor belt systems for Fortescue, granting them the skills for a career within the industry.

The traineeships agreement was signed with Karlayura Group, an Aboriginal owned workforce organisation.

Participants will gain experience in the installation, maintenance and repair of conveyor belt systems across Fortescue’s operational sites.

“At Fortescue, we believe that providing economic opportunities through access to employment, training and business development pathways is key to sustainable futures for Aboriginal people,” Fortescue chief executive Elizabeth Gaines said.

“We are pleased to be working with our contracting partners to develop programs that support Aboriginal employment, and it is inspiring to see the positive contribution they make to communities.”

REMA TIP TOP intends to provide career pathways through the traineeships, according to the company’s Asia Pacific chief executive Benedikt Schneider.

“Working together with the Karlayura Group, we have created new opportunities for local Indigenous communities through the establishment of belt splicing traineeships,” Schneider said.

“Our focus is always on training and development to provide career pathways – not just jobs – and I’m proud to continue partnering with Fortescue to help close the gap by creating meaningful and sustainable employment opportunities for Indigenous Australians.”

REMA TIP TOP has supplied belt and conveyor maintenance services to Fortescue’s sites for over a decade.

“Karlayura has a strong history of building partnerships with various companies within the mining and construction industry. We’re forever grateful for the opportunities we get from REMA and Fortescue as we continue our journey of creating successful outcomes across Australia,” Karlayura Group general manager Regina Glover said.

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