For every bore, think Flexibore

FLEXIBORE 250 is a high-quality flexible rising main manufactured by Crusader Hose in Australia.

It is easy to use and will challenge any rigid pipe when installing your submersible pump. The polyurethane encased woven textile reinforcement of high-tensile polyester gives the hose a high burst pressure for deep well pumping.

Super-strong, it can handle the weight of the pump plus water up to 250 metres inside the bore without a safety cable.

FLEXIBORE 250 can swell up to 15 per cent, making it extremely efficient in reducing friction loss and pumping costs.

By dilating under pressure, there is also no internal build-up of iron bacteria. Secure couplings are easily attached on site.

A strip with intermittent loops every metre runs along the length of the hose. This allows the electrical power cable to be securely attached to the hose and prevents the possible rubbing against the bore casing.

Visit Crusader Hose’s website to learn more.

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