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Flowing towards the future: HYDAC filters forge the path to cleaner mining

When it comes to equipment maintenance, the mining industry faces various unique challenges.

The health of hydraulic systems is fundamental to the seamless operation of this type of machinery, and the right filtration is key to ensuring longevity and reliability.

HYDAC’s advanced filtration and cooling technology, available through Motion, addresses critical issues such as overheating and fluid contamination – leading causes of machinery failure in this industry.

The challenge of contamination

Mining machinery, including excavators and loaders, operate under demanding conditions that can introduce a range of contaminants.

Reliable filtration is essential to maintain the hydraulic systems that power these machines.

HYDAC’s filtration systems are designed to effectively remove particulates from hydraulic fluids, thus helping to protect the critical components of these key pieces of mining equipment.

A spectrum of filtration solutions

These filtration products include options for every facet of mining machinery—from the engine to the cabin. Each filter is crafted to meet the rigorous demands of the mining environment, ensuring that systems remain clean and functional.

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