Flexco tungsten tips small part of larger conveyor puzzle

Tungsten carbide tips used in conveyor belt cleaning systems are one of the best materials to create a long-term cleaning option for conveyors. Flexco explains how to find the perfect balance between durability and usability when manufacturing its tungsten carbide tips for hard rock mines.

Tungsten carbide tips are one of the smallest and most inexpensive parts of a mine conveyor but removing them from the process can cause huge problems down the track.

Flexco introduced its tungsten carbide tips for cleaning conveyor belts more than 30 years ago and as managing director Mark Colbourn explains, the company has been working constantly to develop them further since.

He says the tips continue to clean to the best of their ability, while Flexco aspires to develop stronger models that last longer and keep up with market demands.

“The job of these tungsten carbide tips is to clean the belt and over the years we have worked to find the best formulation of low wearing tungsten that profiles into the belt to clean it best,” Colbourn tells Australian Mining.

“Over time, mines have increased tonnages and moved up to bigger and faster belts. As a supplier we need to keep up with this, with the research and development we put into every single part of our belt cleaners to help our customers get their belts to last longer and perform efficiently.”

Flexco has perfected the fine art of getting the right thickness of tungsten.

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This article also appears in the August issue of Australian Mining.

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