Five stages of community engagement industrial operations must understand

Environmental, social and community managers at mining operations can receive several hundred dust, noise and vibration complaints a year.

Remote open-pit mining operations have gradually moved closer to growing populations. Public perception of mining operations is dynamic and subject to change, often very quickly.

Maintaining a social licence to operate is now directly related to a mine’s production efficiency and financial success.

At Envirosuite we have identified five levels of community engagement on a scale of one to five that each require unique strategies to achieve social licence to operate. Executing the correct strategy will ultimately strengthen your mine’s social licence to operate for financial success.

In this webinar we will share how your mining operation can:

  • Strengthen social licence to operate by executing strategies based on the specific level of community engagement your mine requires – today and tomorrow.
  • Respond to dust, noise and vibration complaints and educate communities with easy-to-understand environmental data.
  • Lower capital expenditure while boosting production and efficiency by operating to your full capacity.

Please join us in our upcoming webinar on Wednesday October 28, where Andres Quijano (solutions design engineer) will present these community engagement strategies.

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