Feedback sought to formulate EV strategy


Consultation is now open to shape Australia’s first National Electric Vehicle Strategy, designed to improve the affordability, supply and uptake of electric vehicles.

The Federal Government is working with states and territory Governments, industry, unions and consumers to provide Australians better access to modern transport technology and ensure infrastructure and industries are ready to support the transition.

Australia is significantly behind when it comes to electric vehicles – only two per cent of new vehicle sales are EVs and uptake of new low-emissions vehicles is nearly five times lower than the global average.

This means Australians are missing out on the benefits of EVs, which are cleaner and cheaper to run.

Excluding COVID-19’s impact, transport is Australia’s second largest source of national emissions. Reducing emissions by boosting EV uptake will be critical to Australia reaching net zero by 2050.

Climate Change and Energy minister Chris Bowen said the EV revolution is advancing under the Albanese Government.

“At the heart of the national strategy will be a plan to improve affordability and choice for consumers by growing the Australian EV market,” he said.

“This is a genuine consultation to inform the right policy settings so we can see more affordable electric vehicles on our roads.

“Right now, Australians miss out on a wider choice of affordable EVs because of our policy settings are outdated. It’s time for Australians to get a fair go when they’re deciding on their next car.”

Infrastructure and Transport minister Catherine King said the consultation will ensure people are heard to make EVs more accessible to Australians.

“Part of the consultation is about the Government seeking stakeholder views on vehicle fuel efficiency standards, including their application, design and implementation,” she said.

“Our cars are less fuel efficient on average than Europe and the US. Now is the time for Australia to join the rest of the world and electrify our road transport.

“That is why our Government is taking this critical step to ensure Australian households and businesses reap the benefits of transport that is fit for the 21st century – being both cheaper to run and lower emitting.”

The consultation paper is seeking views on issues including:

  • making EVs more affordable, encouraging uptake and choice
  • increasing charging infrastructure
  • reducing road transport emissions
  • introducing fuel efficiency standards
  • saving Australians money on fuel
  • increasing local manufacturing.

The consultation paper is available at and submissions can be made from now until October 31, 2022.

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