Xylem’s rental offering provides cost efficiencies in mining operations

Image: Xylem.

Renting equipment has become a popular option in the mining industry, lowering operating costs. Australian Mining speaks with Xylem about its rental division and how this option helps the mining industry meet sustainability goals.

As a leading water technology provider to the mining industry, sustainability is at the core of Xylem’s business of smart water management strategies, solutions and equipment.

Xylem’s rental division meets this vision: Dewatering equipment that is used to process and reuse water from above and underground mining activities.

In addition to saving capital, Xylem’s rental fleet, as an alternative to purchasing equipment, reflects the company value, ‘Let’s Solve Water’, helping mining companies to use water more sustainably and efficiently.

“Xylem is all about maximising the potential of water and sustainability on site,” Xylem’s national rental business development manager Brett Hudson tells Australian Mining.

“Offering tailored rental solutions with our specialty products aligns with Xylem’s philosophy of saving and solving water safely, cost effectively and in an environmentally responsible manner.

“Rental equipment also allows a cyclic opportunity to rotate equipment that is not required for long periods from site to site, changing pump size as mine pits get deeper or conditions change.”

The flexibility of rented water management equipment helps mining companies to allocate equipment according to what is fit for purpose, day to day, and job to job.

In addition to the sustainability of reusing equipment, Xylem also designs its water management solutions with the harsh operating environment in mind.

Xylem’s rental fleet includes market leading solutions in electric submersible and diesel drive units, for both above and underground mining applications.

“Xylem has a range of submersible electric units catering for high head, low PH and explosion proof applications, which is key to mining success in the hard rock and coal sector,” Hudson explains.

“The diesel drive units can work in multiple applications including mass dewatering and high head scenarios to meet site requirements.”

Mining companies that rent their water management equipment from Xylem also have less to worry about in terms of maintenance costs and down time with Xylem incorporating the service and repair costs into the hire rate and ensuring they have suitable equipment coverage should there be any issue.

“To purchase your own fleet, there is not only the upfront capital outlay for the equipment but also ongoing costs for repairs, service and maintenance,” Hudson says.

“Xylem takes responsibility for the costs of maintenance and repairs as part of the overall package, so it takes minimal capital to obtain and operate the required equipment.

“Companies also have the option to expand their fleet further without significant additional capital outlay over time.”

With such an expansive rental fleet, Xylem is able to work side-by-side in partnership with its mining customers and partners to create a flexible relationship that can be modified as required by the operation.

Xylem’s sales solutions specialists will visit the site to investigate the application and the medium to be pumped and create a custom solution to fit the mine’s needs.

“Our sales teams works with the site to gain an understanding of the current dewatering needs to ensure our equipment is aligned with the mine’s requirements or if needed to challenge the current methodology at the site and provide a tailored solution,” Hudson continues.

“We have the flexibility to go to site, set up the solution and assist with ongoing dewatering.

“Xylem will always apply our water management expertise to help customers select the right pump for their particular application.”

This approach helped Xylem to create a tailored solution for a customer in the Pilbara in Western Australia.

“Our salesperson attended the site to gain a better understanding of the customer’s application and subsequent requirements,” Hudson says.

“Following this meeting, our sales specialist returned with a tailored turnkey packaged solution which will be on rent to the customer for the next 12 months with a further five potential units to be built and supplied to support the demand requirements.

“We have been able to replicate similar turnkey solutions across the mining sector on a national basis.”

Offering a wide fleet of diesel driven units, stainless submersible pumps, explosion proof pumps, slurry pumps, control panels and field smart technology (FST) Xylem supports a wide range of mining applications and processes, from small dewatering projects to reusing large volumes of water throughout minerals processing.

“One piece of equipment might not always fit a particular site or application, but Xylem’s extensive rental fleet is able to cover a wide variety of applications even when on-site conditions change,” Hudson says.

“Xylem is proud to be a specialist provider of rental solutions and trusted water advisor to the mining industry. Be it a short-term single pump hire, a major shutdown, or finding a tailored solution and working within or challenging the site methodology, our aim is to meet and exceed our customers’ requirements in a safe, cost effective and timely manner.”

This feature also appears in the February edition of Australian Mining.

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