What’s the hold up?

Tivar is one solution to many problems when it comes to bulk material handling. It’s not fazed by the many characteristics of Australia’s commodities in wet or dry conditions. Australian Mining reports.

Tivar is the longest wearing liner available for a reason. In this interview, Australian Mining digs into the secret ingredients to Tivar’s proven abrasion resistance and low friction capabilities by speaking with E-Plas Engineering and Industrial Plastics director Lisa Marshall, whose family company has been an Australian distributor for more than 15 years.

How did Tivar first come about?

First developed in the United States by Quadrant EPP over 40 years ago and now part of the Mitsubishi Advanced Chemical Materials family, the Tivar Systems group of modified UHMW-PE liners were formulated to specifically address the extreme material handling challenges faced by mining, agriculture, electrical and chemical industries. Tivar linings are used to solve problems related to friction, wear, material flow and corrosion. It is now one of the most specified names in bulk handling and flow-promotion globally. It is produced using state-of-the-art compression moulding technology and ram extrusion.

How is UHMW-PE superior to other traditional engineering materials?

There are a number of varieties of Tivar with specific benefits, such as Tivar 88’s low coefficient of friction and excellent wear properties. It is a bulk handling and mining industry champion due to its excellent performance in promoting bulk solids flow of cohesive or non-free flowing materials due to its low surface friction and it is extremely robust. It reduces or eliminates arching, ratholing and erratic material flow challenges in bins, bunkers, hoppers and chutes, railcars and others.

Tivar 88 on hoppers.


Tivar ESD is electro-static dissipative, while the distinct avocado-coloured Tivar Ceram P is an extremely wear resistant material known for outstanding high abrasion resistance. Incorporated micro glass beads enable use with higher mechanical loads and higher speeds.

Tivar Rubber Backed also exhibits excellent impact resistance, wear resistance and sliding capabilities. The rubber backing results in better impact absorption and thermal expansion and also minimises substrate corrosion.

How does Tivar remove the risks of dislodging hold-ups manually?

The additives within Tivar UHMW-PE linings offer self-lubrication which means that materials that may be sticky or have a tendency to cling will flow unhindered. You do not get carry-back and hang-up. QuickSilver truck linings are part of the Tivar UHMW-PE family and they are incredibly slippery, like Teflon. Even wet clay and hot-mix glide out at a 45-degree angle. Manual intervention is negligible. A bit of a hose down and you’re done. No one wants to deal with trailer or heavy machinery tip-overs. Tivar and QuickSilver liners eliminate this risk. The safety benefits combined with greater productivity are a win-win.

How long has E-Plas been a distributor?

We have distributed Tivar for at least 15 years, and honestly I’ve lost count on how many sites we’ve supplied into over the years and they just keep coming. We’ve supplied Tivar to One Steel, Linfox and CSR – PGH, also as far and wide as Arrium Mining in South Australia to GORO Nickel in New Caledonia.

Any user story that stands out to you?

I think my personal favourite is the giant Goro Nickel hoppers lined with Tivar 88 that stand proud on the loading docks in New Caledonia. The material has lasted many years without fail and they have talked about relining in the same when the time comes. That’s pretty good feedback in my book.

What does the mining industry think about Tivar?

That it works. We’ve seen everything from truck bodies to digger scoops to chutes and rail cars lined in Tivar. It is truly reliable and loved for its toughness and durability. And on top of that it is very easy to machine and install in all sorts of configurations including drop-in hopper linings. It is a highly specified material and we can’t complain about that.

Any future development in store?

Tivar already provides effective solutions to many engineering challenges from impact and chemical resistance to flame retardance and flow promotion. Mitsubishi is always looking to improve and expand the product range’s capabilities. For the present, we can attest to the enduring quality of this top performing linings group and we look forward to seeing what other applications our users come up with. We are always happy to work on solutions with our clients using this great material.

This article also appears in the July edition of Australian Mining.

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