What’s all the fuss about investing in property?

Property Consulting Australia provides investment opportunities to clients across Australia.

Property Consulting Australia offers a strategic approach to investing in property to help clients move towards a better financial future.

People love talking about their property portfolio – especially around the barbecue with their family and friends.

But in fact, less than 8 per cent of Australians own an investment property and less than 2 per cent own two or more, according to Property Consulting Australia (PCA).

With good incomes, members of the mining industry are ideally placed to invest in property. So, what’s holding people back from investing? 

Most people think investing in property is for the wealthy, however investing is actually a tool to help become wealthy, with the majority of investors being mums and dads, who earn a modest income, have debts they want to pay off sooner and who want to make their hard earned money work better for them.  

“It is simply about helping clients find positive cash flow properties in good growth areas and help them move from where they are now, to where they want to be financially,” PCA owner Claire Shearman tells Australian Mining.

Director of PCA Patricia Zurrer purchased her first investment property at 23 years of age. 

Zurrer believes that capital growth is “the most important thing when investing in property.”

Most people want to move closer to financial freedom, financial security and the independence that comes with owning rental properties.  

“People work hard for their money and they want to make informed decisions when investing in property,” Zurrer says.  

Property Consulting Australia’s Claire Shearman and Patricia Zurrer.

So why is it important to build a portfolio?  

Out of every 100 people aged 25 in Australia, within the next 40 years 54 of them will depend on government pensions, according to PCA.

Another 24 will pass away, 12 will be totally broke, five will still be working, four will be independent and only one will be financially free and in a position to retire comfortably.

Shearman and Zurrer started Property Consulting Australia seven years ago. They saw a real need to help clients find “better” investment opportunities.  

According to Shearman, only about 4 per cent of properties on the market are “good” investment opportunities. 

“It’s all about understanding what type of property you need to fit your strategy, with a focus on capital growth in the short term (within two years), so that you are in a position to purchase your second property sooner and build a portfolio,” she says.

Shearman explains she enjoys seeing her clients enjoy the rewards of strategic property investment.

“I love seeing people build their wealth, seeing the successful results they achieve from their property selection and seeing them grow a positive property portfolio for their future,” she concludes.

Take that to your next barbecue.  

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