What to consider when choosing fuel transfer systems

Transferring and measuring the flow of liquids has become a critical requirement in many industries, including the mining sector.

Having the right quality equipment that provides a business with the ability to accurately measure and transfer high-value fluids can mean the difference between making a profit or a loss.

Safety and environmental concerns are now taking a front page of most businesses using diesel fuel within their fleets.

How to store, transfer and essentially handle diesel fuel without having major impacts on the environment could be very costly for a business especially if there is ongoing spillages or leaks, not to mention the safety and welfare of the operators servicing the vehicles.

All of this can cost the business hundreds of thousands of dollars over time if not addressed properly.

For decades, heavy-duty mining vehicles have been refuelled using pressurised refuelling systems. This method operates at high speed to fill large tanks in a short period of time.

When the tank is near full, it becomes pressurised actuating the fuel shut-off system.

However, this refuelling method can reduce the service life of the tank, slowly weakening its welds and seams through cyclic refuelling.

This eventually leads to warps and bulges that distort the tank which can rupture the tank spilling diesel fuel everywhere.

Another issue faced is that pressurised refuelling systems can be generally overwritten by the operator.

Once the system shuts off due to the pressure build up in the tank, the pressure drops and more diesel fuel can be pumped into the tank.

The result is the tank being overfilled and spilling more diesel fuel. What is more dangerous is that it could potentially spill over the operator during this process causing serious harm.

Flomax non-pressurised refuelling system, an effective solution that avoids risks and losses

John Sample Group, through its JSG Industrial Systems business, provides access to products from Flomax International, a company that produces one of the world’s best fluid transfer system components by providing the highest quality design, material, workmanship, support, and service.


JSG Industrial Systems supplies non-pressurised systems (NPS) from Flomax International that have been proven to work in the field.

NPS are easy to install and provide effective fast refuelling method whilst eliminating diesel fuel spillage.

Additionally, JSG provides training and technical guidance so operators are less likely to be exposed to danger, while preventing further damage to the environment.

A non-pressure refuelling system is usually divided into three sections: the manual fill point (fuel receiver), the fuel vent, and the signal line.

A signal line is used to actuate pressure based on the tank’s fuel level.

The NPS system does not require the pressure to initiate the shut-off process, which means that the pressure is confined within the signal line only – not the entire fuel tank – thus not requiring extra analysis on the tank performance.

Furthermore, non-pressure refuelling systems cannot be overwritten by operators and therefore cannot cause overfill issues that could result in diesel spillage or risk the operator’s safety.

JSG believes that Flomax non-pressurised refuelling systems are by far the safest and most reliable technique used in the field for refuelling heavy-duty diesel vehicles.

It clearly reduces the environmental impact from having diesel spills (puddles) or drainage contamination when refuelling.

Each system can save businesses time and money and also have peace of mind that their operators are safer.

JSG Industrial Systems designs, develops, and supplies engineered industrial systems which increase assets lifetime, reduce operational risk and contribute to environmental sustainability.

The company provides access to products and services in liquid flow management, industrial lubrication and fire suppression for a variety of global sectors including mining, food & beverage, transportation, agriculture, marine, energy, construction and manufacturing.

For more information, contact your JSG Industrial Systems representative on (02) 9914 8720 or visit www.jsgindustrial.com.

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