Webinar recording: Autonomous systems, from idea to operation

Insight has discussed how autonomous systems are being leveraged in the mining sector, from idea to operation, in a virtual event.

Experts from Microsoft, MathWorks and Insight, shared their experience in enabling autonomous systems to achieve superior operational value in a webinar last month.

Industrial control systems form the backbone of mining and resources businesses, but existing systems have limitations.

The Australian mining sector is going through one of the most intense periods of change we have ever seen. The ability for innovation – to evolve, adapt and improve operations – is indispensable.

Autonomous control systems adjust in real time to changes in their operational environments or inputs optimising towards multiple goals.

Click here to hear from the field, lessons learnt on how to approach Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL) and using advanced simulation software and cloud-scale compute to simulate in the real world, to bring it altogether from idea to operation.

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