Water in the desert: Delivering critical water storage assets

Image: Ahrens Mining Services.

Water in the desert is a precious commodity, however, Ahrens Mining Services is building a reputation as a specialist in water storage solutions.

Ahrens has built a solid reputation as trusted infrastructure specialists servicing the mining sector and this is set to grow further due to a demand for its water specialist skills in Western Australia’s mining region.

Utilising its diverse in-house capabilities, including design and construction, project management and water storage expertise, Ahrens is delivering critical water storage assets for mining processes.

Early last year, the successful completion of a liner replacement and associated works for a mammoth 16 million  litre water tank led to additional tank refurbishments and water services work in the Pilbara region.

Ahrens Mining Services Newman was engaged by a longstanding client, to replace the leaking lining of the 16 million litre water storage tank.

The tank supplies Newman’s water treatment plant with water, as well as receiving excess mining water from Mount Whaleback Mine, which is then used on site for dust suppression and ore processing purposes.

Works were carefully planned and staged to ensure efficiency and safety, this included the installation of two pressure reducing valve assemblies to allow for tank isolation, removal of the existing liner and sub grade, installation of a new concrete tank base covering 1146 square metres, installation of a new overflow and scour drain, installation of new XR5 tank liner and the addition of a PAX water mixer to the 16 million litre tank.

Works were completed three and a half weeks ahead of schedule, within budget and with zero incidents over the 8725 total man hours.

Due to the safe and effective execution of this project, the client engaged Ahrens to complete further works including the Critical Control Points project for Yandi mine site’s potable water management system and activated carbon filter replacement project for Newman water treatment plant.

More recently, Ahrens’ water storage business Pioneer Water Tanks successfully completed the refurbishment of a 2.66 million litre cyclonic process water/fire water tank at Rio Tinto’s Cape Lambert port facility, located 69 kilometres north-east of Karratha, Western Australia.

The project for Rio Tinto, a repeat client saw Pioneer challenge the traditional model of project delivery for Rio Tinto.

Pioneer took on the role of principal contractor for the project, which had a much broader scope of works than Pioneer would normally get involved in, and in doing so, created a win-win situation in which new value was created for both companies.

At 20.05 metres in diameter and 8.5 metres high, the tank is one of the largest and heaviest tanks Pioneer has constructed in Australia.

With a growing number of projects successfully completed under their belt and the in-house resources available to them, Ahrens is the perfect fit for delivering your next water storage solutions project.

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