Warman pump with Hyperchrome saves costs at Newmont Tanami

Industry-leading wear materials have more than doubled the wear life of Warman’s MCU 250 pump at Newmont’s Tanami gold operation in the Northern Territory.

Newmont’s underground Tanami gold operation is 540 kilometres north west of Alice Springs, in the Northern Territory.

Newmont Tanami approached the Weir Minerals team to increase the wear life of the existing wet-end components in its Warman MCU 250 pump.

The MCU pump’s wet-end components were performing for up to 2500 hours and were an improvement over competitor parts previously used on site.

Newmont challenged the Weir Minerals team to see if further wet-end wear life improvements were possible, with the target set at 4000 hours.

Backed by leading material science technology, Weir Minerals Australia casts pumps and its components in Artarmon, New South Wales – a manufacturing centre comprising the largest ferrous foundry in Australia.

The pumps and spares are manufactured from the strongest iron-chrome alloys in the Hyperchrome range and high-chromium white irons in the Ultrachrome range, delivering excellent wear resistance and lower total cost of ownership.

The Weir Minerals team called on their process knowledge and advanced material expertise from installations in similar applications and specified the Hyperchrome A65 throatbush and A61 impeller for the MCU pump.

Unlike other white cast iron materials, the Hyperchrome alloys have coarse, discrete primary carbides in a matrix of eutectic carbide and austenite/martensite.

Matching the right Hyperchrome material with the slurry type and the type of wear each component is subject to ensures the best results:

  • Hyperchrome alloy A65 is a hypereutectic white iron suitable for high wear duties where corrosion is not severe. Alloy A65 can be used in weakly-acidic to alkaline slurries, between a pH range of 6–14.
  • Hyperchrome alloy A61 is a hypereutectic white iron, suitable for high wear duties, where corrosion is not severe. Alloy A61 can be used in neutral to alkaline slurries, between a pH range of 6–14.

To ensure minimal downtime, Weir Minerals dispatched the new trial components to Newmont Tanami for installation on a duty standby pump and requested that this pump be run as a trial.

Initially the Weir Minerals team targeted the customer’s requirement of 4000 hours, an increase of 1500 hours.

The Warman MCU pump with Hyperchrome A65 alloy throatbush and Hyperchrome A61 alloy impeller increased wear life to 5500 hours, an increase of 3000 hours over the competitor wet-end parts used previously.

In addition, the frame plate liner and volute lasted even longer, over 8000 hours.

These results significantly decreased the number of rebuilds required every year, and reduced parts costs for the site by over $90,000 annually.

The Weir Minerals team will continue working with Newmont Tanami operations to seek additional improvements, and to continue trialling and improving the Warman MCU 250 pumps on site.

The new target is to extend the life of casing and FPLI to double that of other parts. This will mean a minor rebuild at 5000 hours and a major rebuild at 10,000 hours.

To enquire about how industry-leading materials technology can increase equipment wear life and reduce operational costs at your site, contact Weir Minerals.

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