Veolia serves water treatment needs of mining sector

Veolia Water Technologies is the world leader in water treatment. It offers a full range of services for the needs of mining industries.

Present in all major mining countries, Veolia has built trusting relationships with its partners.

It guarantees facilities that comply with ecological regulations while ensuring they achieve their business objectives.

The mining industry is a sector particularly concerned with the efficient use of water. The problem is twofold: how to manage the water resources well while also optimising reuse of them.

It is also necessary to treat pollutant effluents effectively so that no toxic substances are released into the natural environment.

With Veolia’s 9000 employees around the world and 350 proprietary water technologies, Veolia Water Technologies is considered to be a partner recognised for its know-how, which meets all of the expectations of the sector.

Veolia Water Technologies produces:

  • drinking water;
  • desalinated water for isolated sites;
  • process water; and
  • advanced wastewater treatment

This means that Veolia Water Technologies’ partners find competitive advantages through synergies made possible by water technologies.

A fine and balanced analysis of the environmental impact and circular economy logic are firmly etched into Veolia Water Technologies’ sustainable development values.

Through its global sales network and local field service support, Veolia’s world-class HPD evaporation and crystallisation technologies have been the systems producers rely on to extract the most high-purity lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide salts while removing persistent impurities and recovering valuable chemical compounds containing potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium.

Robust, low energy HPD systems help lithium producers improve projects’ economics by minimising processing costs and increasing operating margins.

This is because Veolia understands how to make lithium refining operations better, faster and cleaner, thanks to a long track record of optimising evaporation, crystallisation and concentration processes in the mining and chemical industries.

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