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ASG Group is a digital transformation provider for the Australian mining industry.

ASG Group’s collaboration with parent company NRI India is set to bring artificial intelligence and machine learning to Australia’s mining industry.

Advanced technology is at the crux of productive and efficient modern-day mining operations.

This includes artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and data technology, which are at the heart of unlocking the next phase of Australia’s mining legacy. 

As these technologies mature through the collaboration of companies within the mining supply chain, mines have the chance to benefit greatly from undergoing a digital transformation.

ASG Group, a digital transformation provider for the Australian mining industry, is advancing the possibilities in this space.

The company, which has longstanding partnerships with SAP, Oracle and Microsoft, has already helped mining companies identify what they need to deliver transformative technology to remove project risks. 

Its end-to-end solutions can provide cost efficiencies, remove potential threats to an operation, and enable organisations to deliver greater experiences to its end users, customers and suppliers. 

ASG is owned by Nomura Research Institute (NRI), headquartered in Japan, but operates separately. ASG is, however, planning to collaborate with NRI India to expand its offerings in Australia’s mining industry. 

This means NRI India’s portfolio of predictive analytics, AI and machine learning that have been tested globally, will be available in Australia through ASG. 

ASG Group executive general manager, capability and consulting Marcus D’Castro says the distribution of NRI India’s portfolio will strengthen the value of digital transformation for mine sites. 

“The mining and natural resources sector is a cornerstone of the Australian economy and is an industry supported by numerous advanced enterprise applications and operational systems,” D’Castro tells Australian Mining.

“As a result, large data sets across multiple systems are available, which – if used properly – support significant efficiency gains and resolution of specific business and operational issues. 

“There is great potential to further create and support intelligent enterprises. NRI and ASG have the experience and track record to work with our customers and make this a reality.”

NRI India’s key solutions include digital and data strategy to provide a wide assessment and roadmap for a mine site. 

The company has an in-house team of data scientists, data engineering, and management consultants that provide digital transformation solutions for mine sites. 

NRI India partner and group head – strategic design & digital transformation Atreyi Chaudhuri says: “NRI’s suite of intelligent solutions offer demand forecasting which uses machine learning to accurately predict demand for production, including power consumption, to reduce costs from any deficits that might occur.

“Machine learning is also used for quality control analytics to simulate and predict grade and quality of finished production through the adjustment of critical input materials.”

The solutions created by ASG and NRI India use the same platforms, but can adapt to local uses, such as specific environment conditions in Australia. 

NRI India’s technologies have been tried and tested across the globe, with the company bringing its expertise from across the world. 

It has also previously brought efficiency and cost effectiveness to mining companies in India through its digital transformation projects. 

“At ASG, we work with our customers to find, design and implement solutions that make sense based on the specific requirements,” D’Castro says.

“We reference proven technologies and leverage intellectual property (IP) while keeping an open mind. We always acknowledge that success is found in the detail and each use case has unique characteristics.

“We follow a collaborative approach, with a focus on other key ingredients for success such as a human centred design, management of organisational change, strong program management, as well as the underlying technologies and data sciences.”

ASG hopes to use NRI India’s offering to further enhance mining companies’ understanding of their business needs and readiness to introduce transformative technology to save money and time, while ramping up production. 

“ASG and NRI have pre-packaged and tested/proven IP available for our customers in the mining and natural resources sector, which means that solutions can be designed and implemented rapidly based on relevant use cases,” Chaudhuri says. 

“(The collaboration) creates a real opportunity for data driven decision making.”  


This article appeared in the July edition of Australian Mining.

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