Ultimate performance when it comes to the crunch

When it comes to crushing blasted hard rock, the efficiency of thyssenkrupp gyratory crushers in primary crushing is second to none.

thyssenkrupp has built its reputation on producing a strong portfolio of mineral processing machinery.

When it comes to crushing blasted hard rock in ore and natural stone mining, the efficiency of thyssenkrupp gyratory crushers in primary crushing is second to none.

At the heart of any mining operation is the mineral processing machinery, and in the vast range of regions where Australian miners operate this equipment needs to be robust and reliable to withstand these conditions.

Global original equipment manufacturer (OEM) thyssenkrupp has built its reputation on producing a strong portfolio of mineral processing machinery that not only can withstand the harsh and varied climate of the Australian mining sector, but also thrives in it.

Thyssenkrupp product line manager for mining, Luke Bennett, tells Australian Mining that focus is a key element of the company’s success and its ability to position itself as a leader in the sector.

“We have a vast portfolio available to us on a global platform but we understand what we are good at in our regions (ours being Australia) and are able to focus on this portfolio of equipment to bring the market leading technology to our clients.” Bennett said.

“We are positioned in Australia working with a higher knowledge of Australian standards and those of our local clients.”

Thanks to this portfolio offered by thyssenkrupp, proven solutions are available for every need, allowing raw material processing to proceed with maximum efficiency and at the lowest possible cost.

Bennett said these proven solutions are a major reason why Australian mining operators choose thyssenkrupp for their mineral processing needs.

“We believe the technology speaks for itself and mine operators are seeing from other installations the benefits our equipment offers,” Bennett said.

“We have the largest feed opening on gyratory crushers, the highest installed power and machine throughput. We continue to question the mineral processing equipment selection to develop new equipment to benefit, not just clients’ processing requirements, but also to help improve the whole plant design by using less concrete, having smaller underground cavities as well as other benefits.

“This equipment is all in thanks to our clients, who accept and trust our technology and work with us to go the next step.”

Chief sales officer and service director for thyssenkrupp, Uwe Zulehner, added that this wide range of equipment gives customers the choice to select the best machinery to suit their specific needs.

“We have a highly developed portfolio of equipment to choose from so a tailored solutions first starts with selecting the right piece of equipment, which will offer the client a complete asset-life benefit to suit their needs,” Zulehner said.

“Once this selection is made it is still a standard machine, from there we can tailor wear liners, profiles, drive power, cooling requirements, automation controls, maintenance and service equipment to best suit the project.”

Bennett highlighted thyssenkrupp’s range of primary gyratory crushers as a prime example of how the company is able to provide machinery based on the customers’ needs.

The Australian mining sector has seen a lot of success with the company’s crushers with several of the nation’s biggest and best mine sites specifically choosing the OEM’s equipment.

In 2019, Roy Hill contracted thyssenkrupp to supply a gyratory crusher for its iron ore mine in Western Australia’s Pilbara region as its primary and first above ground jaw gyratory crusher to be installed in Australia.

The high-performance design made for more cost-effective operations, lowering Roy Hill’s servicing and maintenance costs.

In 2020, thyssenkrupp was awarded consecutive contracts to supply two gyratory crushers and a radial stacker for the Iron Bridge Magnetite Project, a joint venture between Fortescue Metals Group subsidiary FMG Iron Bridge and Formosa Steel IB Pty Ltd.

The Iron Bridge project is for one of the largest magnetite mines which is located roughly 145 kilometres south of Port Hedland in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Delivery of first ore is scheduled for mid-2022.

The high-capacity crushers are required for the 22 million tonnes per annum of high grade 67 per cent Fe magnetite concentrate product that will be delivered.

Bennett said thyssenkrupp is able to offer a complete package when it comes to its primary gyratory crushers.

All sizes up to the largest in the market, standard feed openings to the largest feed opening offered are among the crusher offerings from the company.

“We offer standalone machines or we can provide a complete primary setup which has been developed of many years and numerous installations,” Bennett said.

In combination with other carefully matched components, thyssenkrupp creates highly efficient, complete crushing systems – as stationary, semi-mobile or mobile solutions depending on customer needs.

With crushing chambers of varying designs, these machines have either a high crushing ratio for preparing raw materials for secondary crushing or a low crushing ratio for reducing overburden for transportation by belt conveyors, and can reach throughput rates of up to 15,000 tonnes per hour.

Bennett said selection of the right machine is the most essential step for customers in order to maximise the productivity and economy of the machinery, and highlighted serviceability, robustness and competitive pricing as key benefits for clients.

“More and more serviceability is coming into the light during the equipment selection phase and when developing a machine this is an essential part of the design phase,” Bennett said.

“Maintenance needs to be safe, easily accessible and to be conducted within the clients’ maintenance times.”

Zulehner said, according to feedback provided by thyssenkrupp’s satisfied customers, that the company’s equipment is state of the art, exceeding expectations, and above all is reliable with customers seeking OEM technical support.

“Feedback from our clients is how we have built our reputable products,” Zulehner said.

“We use their feedback to improve all aspects, safety of machine operation and maintenance, ease of maintenance, as well as longevity of wear items.

This customer-centric consideration is a key pillar of thyssenkrupp, supported by its number of service centres and approach to customer service.

Thyssenkrupp operates multiple service centres near its customer sites, including in Port Hedland and Perth in Western Australia, Mackay in Queensland, and in Melbourne.

“These service centres provide continuous support to customer operations for shutdowns, maintenance and off-site repairs,” Zulehner said.

“Having a strong and stable workforce helps us to deploy the same personnel to the same sites and machines.

“This increases their knowledge of specific sites which results in more effective on-site support and potentially reduces shut down times.”

Zulehner said the company has supply contracts with individual clients who benefit from long-term cooperation.

“In addition, thyssenkrupp offer ongoing technical support with machine upgrade opportunities, comminution plant improvement studies and liner life improvement solutions,” he said.

“Specific off-site repairs and workshop assemblies reduce site operational costs, while ongoing site training for operators and maintenance crews increase thyssenkrupp’s equipment availability.”

Building on the experience of more than 80 crushers installed in the last 15 years around the globe and operating successfully in all climate zones of the world, thyssenkrupp machines advance its customers in primary crushing under the toughest conditions.

Due to its dedication to customer service, ability to adapt its equipment to achieve the best outcome for its clients’ needs, as well as a reputation for resilient and reliable machinery, thyssenkrupp will continue to be a significant player in Australia’s booming mining and resources sector for years to come.

This feature appeared in the May edition of Australian Mining.

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