Truck productivity improves with new RigScan audit

Atlas Copco’s new RigScan audits find success after Perilya’s Broken Hill operation books seven additional audits following initial trial.

RigScan is a structured method for testing and monitoring equipment and was trialled by Perilya in late 2015. It provides comprehensive service information including condition reports and fault diagnoses with the results and recommendations standardised worldwide.

Since 2002, Perilya has produced lead and zinc concentrate from its underground mine. The miner operates eight Atlas Copco trucks, five 60 tonne MT6020s and three 50 tonne MT5020s. All of these trucks have been on site since 2010.

Atlas Copco’s Broken Hill service supervisor Adam Edwards said that due to the age of Perilya’s truck fleet, planning of major works is of high importance. Edwards said that RigScan reports have helped them determine and prioritise the most urgent maintenance requirements. Most of the RigScan audits are conducted during scheduled services to minimise downtime while operational tasks are completed when the trucks are functioning.

“We have always provided Perilya with some form of ongoing audit which has helped inform decisions about scheduling of major repairs, prioritisation of works, general safety and equipment monitoring. However, while the reporting system was working well enough, I guess you realise how much better things can be when something like RigScan comes along,” he said.

Perilya’s maintenance manager John Braes said that RigScan made access to machine data easier and more thorough.

“We needed to carry out new audits on our machines, we trialled RigScan on site and, at the end, the audit was supplied on a thumb drive for reviewing.”

“The RigScan solution has been well introduced and promoted by Adam Edwards, who gave us support in the entire process. RigScan is accurate and user friendly, parts are easily identifiable by machine zone and high quality photos show real machine conditions,” he said.

The audit covers simple monitoring activities such as thermal imaging and oil particle analysis to generate short and long term maintenance plans, to more urgent issues.

“By consistently monitoring the trucks, tracking pressures and other measurements, we increase component life on the equipment and optimize running time,” Edwards said.

According to the company, RigScan improves safety through early detection of potential hazards. It increases productivity through extending machine life and reduces downtime and production interruptions. Faster troubleshooting reduces maintenance costs and as faults are found before failure, maintenance can be planned in advance.

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