Treating high strength sewage in mining operations

Mining operations for shift work can produce a unique sewage stream that is different from general domestic sewage in terms of flow characteristics and concentrations.

The make-up of the sewage can contain high levels of ammonia – sometimes three or four times greater than general domestic sewage and higher organic loads, typically two to three times higher.

This is primarily due to a lower water usage per person, high ammonia strength sewage from urinals that is tankered in and general cleaning.

Furthermore, there is a large variation in the equivalent population between shifts and during maintenance periods which significantly affects the capacity.

Hydroflux provides sewage and sludge treatment solutions to mining operations and camps. Specifically, for mining operations, Hydroflux provides a solution that is tailored for this application and includes:

  • Automatic fine screening system for solids and screenings removal
  • Flow equalisation to manage peaks
  • Hydrocarbon removal
  • Ammonia reduction and nitrogen removal (nitrification and denitrification)
  • Organic (BOD) removal
  • Supplementary dosing to support nitrogen removal and to boost loads during low flow periods
  • Class A and A+ treatment for effluent re-use

With over 140 installations in in extractive industries, Hydroflux Epco has a bespoke solution to treat all strengths of sewage. Just two of the treatment systems include:

  • Roadtrain Packaged Treatment Plants
  • Mena Water Membrane Bio-Reactors (MBR)

For further information specific to high strength ammonia sewage, please contact us on 1300 417 697 or email

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