Trakka goes mobile

DINGO is opening up its renowned asset health management software Trakka to a wider audience with the launch of a new app for mobile. Australian Mining finds out more.

Australian company DINGO is continuing to make its mark on the world of asset health management with the launch of a mobile application for its flagship Trakka Predictive Maintenance software.

Recipient of the 2017 Mining Magazine Award for Software, Trakka is a premier package for asset health management. Noted for its density, DINGO has recently endeavoured to design a mobile accompaniment for Trakka that could appeal to a somewhat broader group than the detail-led and engineering-inclined Trakka desktop application.

The company felt that while Trakka excelled in its particular function of detecting impending asset faults and recommending corrective actions, in turn delivering lower costs per hour for mine operators, it could still be simplified for users who didn’t want the analytical tools and precise details. Mine managers and supervisors for example, who might be too time-poor to learn the ins and outs of Trakka desktop, yet still want the opportunity to read and delineate important information about the health and performance of their assets, were identified as a particular focus for DINGO.

“It seemed a mobile app was the right way to do that,” says Colin Donnelly, DINGO vice president of product development. “Maintenance managers and supervisors didn’t have time to dig into the detail of our Trakka desktop application. We wanted them to be able to quickly and easily keep a pulse on the health of their fleet and realized that a mobile app was the perfect way to provide this capability.

“By giving them a simplified view of their fleet’s asset health, plus the ability to easily drill into sufficient detail to see current status, we knew we’d be providing valuable information to this critical decision-maker in a very user-friendly way.”

The Trakka asset health management app was the result of discussions with mine site managers and supervisors, who by and large wanted an app that would give them quick access to information with ease of visibility and the ability to make decisions. It wasn’t a first for the company. DINGO has been involved with mobile applications since 2014, winning the prestigious Austmine Innovation Award for its ground-breaking Field Inspection App. After starting work on the Asset Health Management App in early 2017, the company delivered its minimum viable product by the third quarter.

It was at this stage DINGO put the app in the hands of customers to get real-world feedback and hone its capabilities. This input was crucial in tightening the final product, which has just been released.

The app is connected to Trakka desktop, capable of twenty-four-hour monitoring of conditional data; for mine sites this could be as varied as oil samples, visual inspections, onboard data, thermography or vibration (especially of fixed plant machinery).

It is such a comprehensive solution that Donnelly predicts most mining companies won’t be collecting data on paper within the next five years.

“Mobile applications and other technology will improve not only the data collection, but also the capabilities of those collecting the data,” he explains.

“Imagine having the ability to walk around a machine — like a reclaimer — and have it guide you to inspection points based on a schematic, using dead-reckoning and proximity sensors; it could show you where and how to take a measurement and announce any safety hazards.

“We feel the response will be very positive from our customer base because we’re providing a useful tool that will provide better access to the right information at the right time, while fitting seamlessly into their existing operations.”

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