TOTAL provides solution to lubrication supply for open gear

Lubricant and Gears - 3D Rendering

A TOTAL customer in Asia has undertaken replacement of their open gear sets in two of their ball mills.

The open gear manufacturer is a major manufacturer of girth gear sets for the mining industries, manufacturing gear sets for major gear original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

The company had previously been using a product that is not listed in the gear manufacturer’s approved list.

Moreover, this conventional grease-based open gear lubricant did not pass the customer’s in-house pumpability test, which is a critical indication of its performance during the winter months.

TOTAL was given the opportunity to perform an open gear inspection on site.

Upon thorough assessment, LUBRILOG gear fluid 550D was proposed.

Formulated with a propriety solvent, LUBRILOG gear fluid 550D exhibits excellent pumpability and sprayability even at low temperatures.

The solvent evaporates quickly upon spraying, leaving behind the lubricant which works to protect the gear flanks.

Being a high viscosity lubricant (17,000 cSt at 40 degrees Celsius after evaporation of solvent), it ensures sufficient lubrication film thickness to protect the moving gear flanks.

It is clear, thus enabling easy inspection of the gear flanks during operation.

It is also free from chlorine, heavy metals and solid particles.

LUBRILOG gear fluid 550D passed the in-house pumpability test performed by the company.

At the same time, TOTAL obtained the approvals from the engineers of this gear manufacturer for the application of LUBRILOG gear fluid 550D in both of the ball mills after the new gear sets are installed.

TOTAL saw through the process of the switch over to LUBRILOG gear fluid 550D in the two ball mills, and performs follow-up open gear inspection on the mills on a half-yearly basis.

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