Thejo’s end-to-end optimisation of Australian mines

Thejo offers a broad range of products to optimise mining.

Thejo Australia has set its sights on becoming a one-stop-shop for engineered solutions and maintenance for the Australian mining and materials handling industries as it rolls out a range of new products and services. 

Thejo Australia has come into its own as a company over the past year, tripling its turnover and setting even bigger targets for the future.

Managing director Shine James says Thejo Australia, which was first established as a subsidiary of India’s Thejo Engineering in Western Australia in 2012, expects its targets to double again in 2024-2025.

Thejo Australia plans to achieve these goals by securing at least one substantial contract every year. 

“This year, we have already achieved that target by winning a contract to supply conveyor belts to a major mining company in Western Australia,” James tells Australian Mining.

Specialising in mining conveyor systems, Thejo focuses on developing solutions and products to reduce downtime at mines and extend the time between shut-downs.

Regional manager Mark Meredith says the company’s four main area of offerings, to maximise its clients’ production times, include: wear, corrosion, belt cleaning, project installation and maintenance. 

With 20 to 30 major competitors around Australia, Meredith believes Thejo’s ability to develop its solutions in-house is what differentiates the company from its competitors and makes it unique.

From on-site activities, to working with its engineering team in India to provide solutions, to giving customers options and then installing the product on site, the company ensures lower costs for its clients with this end-to-end capability.

“Through our broad range of products, we are able to find the right product to suit the type of wear,” Meredith says.

“Our a range of wear products that we manufacture includes, but is not limited to a broad range of rubber, ceramic and pulley lagging products that we manufacture in India; it is a matter of using a combination of those to improve the customer’s issues on site.”

Thejo is one of only a few companies around the world, that offers a comprehensive line of corrosion resistant rubber linings for both hot and cold lining processes. 

Despite Thejo not yet having a major presence in this line of work in Australia, Meredith says the company is exploring options for international expansion of this expertise. 

In 1991, Thejo India launched its global business outlook by expanding into the Middle East market, establishing a joint venture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia called Thejo Hatcon Industrial Services.  

Thejo develops solutions and products to reduce downtime.

Meredith says the company’s focus on corrosion protection was then to grow the market across the various mining processes that use any type of chemicals in their production processes.

Thejo formulates and mixes its own rubber compounds, manufacturing the various rubber lining materials, fabricating vessels and pipelines to carry out the rubber lining at its factories, ensuring production and cost control without compromising quality.

To ensure mines reach full production optimisation, Thejo also manufacturers belt conveyor accessories, belt cleaners, belt trackers, belt support systems, belt seals and engineered belt conveyor transfer chutes, which assist in optimising the performance of the conveyor systems.  

Meredith says the Perth-based subsidiary is working on introducing these products in Australia to showcase the benefits of these systems to the market. 

Thejo’s final solution that gives it an edge is the project maintenance work it offers. Since the addition of  Brion Griffiths, who has taken over as Thejo Australia’s operations manager, the company has recruited local talent and built an experienced service team, offering products of optimum value with a full-circle solution. 

“Due to the size and nature of our business, we have been able to secure high-quality products, which will expand the business for us,” Griffiths says.

“We need to make sure as a business, that whatever we introduce, we need to get it right. It is about completing the loop for our customers.” 

Looking to the future, Thejo plans to grow its global business by three to four times, with expansion in Australia a key part of this goal. 

Despite being relatively new on the Australian mining scene, Griffiths says the company is determined to expand its presence into the Pilbara region and has procured specialised equipment required to undertake these works.

“In the next two years we will be targeting contracts in the Pilbara, where we can start getting into a market that is very niche,” Griffiths explains.

“We are very fortunate that within our services team we have inherited a lot of team members who have a lot of experience in that region. 

“As a growing business, our team is enthusiastic to get out there and show what we can do.” 

James says Thejo Australia’s existing presence in the Goldfields region, which is headed by its general manager Glenn Tomkinson, and positive feedback from customers, also positions the company to expand into the eastern states of Australia in the future. 

“Every contract we win, we are extending time and time again, so we are able to continue building a partnership with our clients and explore potential contracts in other states,” James says.  

“Thejo is committed to employing local Australian talent, with a focus on women empowerment and indigenisation. We still have so much to do and we have plans to increase our team from 60 to 100 people in the near future to ensure we keep on top of our turnover.”  

This story also appears in the June issue of Australian Mining.

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