The Thor Towerstacker: A versatile, affordable conveyor solution

The Thor Towerstacker can deliver 1800 tonnes of coal an hour.

A product of a prospering collaboration between Lincom Group and Thor Global, the conveyor is turning heads across the mining industry.

Across more than two decades, Lincom Group has built a business model based on relationships and loyalty. 

Partnering with multinational companies to supply its equipment to Australian mining operations, Lincom has established a strong rapport with Canadian manufacturer, Thor Global.

Australia’s exposure to the Thor Towerstacker Telescopic Cable Mast Conveyor is a product of that collaboration.

With two Thor Towerstackers commissioned at a Central Queensland thermal coal open pit mine, leading to the conveyor carrying first material in September, Lincom’s work is being recognised industry wide.

So, what sets the Thor Towerstacker apart from its competition?

“Number one, it’s the price point,” Lincom chief executive officer Stephen Watterson tells Australian Mining.

“The price point of that machine, bringing an off-the-shelf item in here, has been very competitive for us. It’s a price-competitive machine that’s doing 1800 tonnes an hour of coal – you’re talking big tonnages.”

The Thor Towerstacker is also versatile and adaptable – a conveyor that mining companies can easily integrate into their operations.

“It’s that ease of getting it built quickly, getting it erected quickly and getting mines up and running quickly. Time is of the essence, especially with this mine as well – timing was a big factor.”

Mining operations already have plenty to consider and assess before they can even begin production. To be able to facilitate a conveyor that can make a seamless transition into varied environments works in Lincom’s favour.

The Thor Towerstacker is also certified. 

“We’ve done enough of these machines in the country now that we meet all the Australian Standards for electrical, for structures, and in particular in Queensland, we meet the Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) process,” Watterson says.

“The RPEQ is a very stringent set of engineering checks from an independent party that has to do a sign-off on the design. It’s not about just giving them a brochure, they get full structural drawings and more. So, for these machines to pass that – it’s a huge feather in our cap.”

The Thor Towerstacker complies with Australian Standards, AS1170 and AS4324.1, both of which endorse the safety of the machine – an important consideration for any mine site looking to reduce their lost-time injury.

“The Australian Standards are one thing, the RPEQ is another, so you’re under very stringent controls there to meet – that’s from access to walkways, to any of the safety features that have to be factored into the hydraulics system, to the deflection of the actual conveyor itself, the structure.”

“Any Joe Bloggs can make a stacker but having it going into a mine site, a significant mine site, and having it comply with all those Australian Standards and the RPEQ requirements, and the site-specific requirements as well.”

A 3D model of the TowerStacker.

Recognised as a finalist for the Australian Bulk Handling Awards 2021, the Thor Towerstacker has established itself on the Australian mining scene. But Lincom’s work is not done yet.

The conveyor will continue to draw interest going forward, and as Lincom continues its collaborations with Thor, more opportunities will arise.

“For the Thor Towerstacker itself, there will be three of these Towerstackers in Australia, and we would continue to promote them in these new mines and/or mine expansions,” Watterson continues.

“Thor also has another range, which is its standard radial stockpilers which are on wheels.”

Lincom supplies Thor’s Top Fold Portable Radial Conveyor, Telescopic Portable Radial Conveyor and Low Profile Telescopic Portable Radial Conveyor, each of which offer their own unique attributes for mining operations.

Whether it be the Towerstacker or radial conveyors, Watterson believes there are both cost and safety benefits by going with Thor.

“From a cost point of view, it’s a great addition to any setup, saving money by reducing expenses on maintaining a wheel loader and an operator,” Watterson says.

“You plug the thing in, the stacker’s always going to be at work the next day, it’s reliable and will get the job done.”

With an eminent international manufacturer by its side, a premium product at its disposal, and an authentic and trusted process to its name, Lincom has carved out its own niche in the supplying and manufacturing game.

A team of family businesses, Thor and Lincom are neither intimidating nor underhanded – two important attributes when securing deals in the mining sector.  

This article appears in the October issue of Australian Mining.

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