The most dangerous software in mining business

Quick question, what’s the most dangerous piece of software a mining company can use?

If you answered spreadsheets, you’d be right.

Incredibly, many mining companies are not only relying on spreadsheets as a reporting tool, but they are using them to store valuable data and undertake business-critical calculations.

The information contained in those spreadsheets is often outdated and prone to human error.

Such inaccuracies threaten companies by presenting a false picture of production volume, productivity, inventory and personnel records. Bad information can send management in the wrong direction when making vital decisions.

One wrong entry or misused set of calculations can cost a company millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Now there’s a better way.

With cutting-edge software from Intov8, you can streamline the entire data process. Now you can get all your latest mining data from multiple sources on a single screen on and off-site – in real-time.

Data collection and analysis can be viewed as soon as it’s available typically within minutes comparing plan vs actual numbers whether you are measuring people, process or production from any site location.

Reducing risk of human error

Intov8 software reduces the risk of human error and delivers more accurate data at the end of each month. This means senior management are in a better position to make strategic decisions based on more accurate numbers.

Intov8 software is easily integrated with current systems and can be partnered with any data source for practical, cost-effective solutions.

The company recently launched its new POLR software suite – a revolutionary data management software solution that automates and analyses mining production systems.

With software platforms like POLR Organiser, you can now track who’s available within crews or units in a matter of seconds to manage rosters and for the deployment of tasks and projects. All data is seamlessly connected.

Intov8 software is a smart way to improve operational efficiency and reduce administration costs. It’s easy to install and simple to use.

And best of all, it reduces paperwork and costly errors, resulting in increased productivity and profitability.

It’s a must for any modern mining business.

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