The costs of backyard adblue

In the push for greater cost efficiency some operations are risking dollars to save cents.

However when it comes to using quality fuel and solutions, miners focused on efficiency can't compromise. 

According to Tom Macens, director of AdBlue manufacturer ChrossChem Australia, "non-certified and non-regulated AdBlue  is making its way more and more into the industry, and winning some customers due to its low pricing, but there is a real potential that this product will be very costly for truck owners in the long run".

"Low grade AdBlue does affect your truck," Macens said.

This is even more important, as using the right quality AdBlue for diesel trucks helps to lower their emissions, cutting a company's carbon footprint and helping it to be more sustainable. 

"An owner may think they are saving on their running costs but when the 'backyard' AdBlue causes issues and their truck is in the workshop any cost savings they might have made on the fake will be lost many times over by the cost of the repairs and lost productivity."

BagTrans fleet manager Joachim Egger supported Macens, saying that operators need to be aware that the costs of going for the cheaper option can cause complications down the line.

"When AdBlue is not VDA approved it has not complied with strict European rules on how it is manufactured and there is no way of knowing how it was blended or what is in it," Egger said.

"Unapproved AdBlue can lead to issues with the pump jamming or failing completely; I remember three years ago we had a truck that wasn't using VDA approved AdBlue and the pump failed. 

"It cost us about $8000 to have it fixed.

"In direct contrast, if you have a European truck and anything is to go wrong with it in relation to the AdBlue then European OEMs cover their parts under warranty."

Eggers went on to say that it was a simple decision for BagTrans, as they can't afford to have a vehicle off the road: this creates a threefold cost to the company, with the cost or replacement parts and the loss of revenue generated by that vehicle.

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