The 10 largest diamonds in the world [infographic]

Most diamonds are rather small, but once in a while a big diamond is found.

And very rarely the diamond found is so big that it dwarfs almost every single diamond ever found.

These very rare big stones can be cut into some massive cut diamonds, so this Danish site has collected information about the 10 biggest diamonds ever and put all the information together in this infographic.

As you can see, all of the 10 biggest diamonds ever have been found in Africa – and 7 of the 10 in mines in South Africa. The biggest diamond ever found was used to cut the Cullinan I, but the Cullinan I is only the 2nd biggest cut diamond (even though most people think it's the largest cut diamond in the world).

The biggest cut diamond is the relatively unknown Golden Jubilee. A brown diamond that was found in 1985 in South Africa and now belongs to the royal family of Thailand.

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