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Terrain Tamer

Terrain Tamer's sealed alternator assembly

Since it was founded in Melbourne in 1969, Terrain Tamer has grown to include over 40,000 different 4WD (four-wheel drive) parts, including many key innovations that have been specifically designed to improve on the original equipment (OE) equivalent.

The brand offers complete under-bonnet solutions, with a range of light vehicle parts utilised in mining, military, agriculture and emergency service applications, as well as by recreational four-wheel drivers around the world.

This encompasses the likes of transmission, driveline, brake, suspension, fuel, cooling, steering and engine parts, and addressing some of the key problem areas that are most prone to breakage and wear in heavy duty applications.

One such product is a range of heavy-duty wheel bearing kits, which have been designed and manufactured with exclusive tooling to extend the service life of wheel bearings for heavy towing and vehicles operating in unforgiving and extreme applications.

The kits feature heavy duty bearings that have been manufactured using new technologies, essentially allowing them to stand up to contaminants for longer, doubling the service life of their OE equivalent in clean grease, and working up to 10 times longer in contaminated lubricant.

This is coupled with a range of heavy-duty hub seals which rotate on their own internal surface without relying on the condition of the shaft, eliminating wear on other components and rotating only within their own design.

Terrain Tamer’s heavy-duty bearing kit


Tested at an underground mine in north-west Queensland, who operate in heavy slush and were changing bearings every 10,000km, Terrain Tamer’s heavy-duty bearings were checked at 20,000km, and due to uncontaminated grease, were able to be used for a further 20,000km. This saved time, money, and downtime of vehicles needed in order to keep operations moving.

“For the last year and a half, we’ve been using Terrain Tamer’s kits,” explains one of the LV (light-vehicle) fitters working at the mine. “Failure of wheel bearings just doesn’t happen anymore, and the spindles don’t get worn from the seals like they used to.

“They’ve made my job easier with so much less maintenance, and they’ve saved the company thousands of dollars in maintenance costs since we started using them.”

Similarly, one of Terrain Tamer’s most popular innovations has been their parabolic leaf springs.

In response to traditional 4WD leaf springs, which are often thick, heavy and clunky, adding to the weight of vehicles and providing an uncomfortable ride, Terrain Tamer’s parabolic springs have fewer leaves and feature a tapered ‘parabolic’ design, which is thicker in the centre and thinner toward the ends.

This design directly addresses any gross vehicle mass (GVM) issues, eliminating the weight of traditional packs and dramatically reducing the unsprung weight of the vehicle, freeing it up for practical uses.

This lower weight makes the springs safer on the road and creates a more comfortable ride when the vehicle is unloaded. The design also helps the spring to flex while still providing the strength needed to bear the weight of heavy loads.

Terrain Tamer’s parabolic leaf spring


This is particularly useful in 4WD applications that carry excessive load on the driveline, or when challenged with difficult terrain, as the flex allows the spring to give a little when the driver hits a bump, providing a smoother ride and reducing the shock transferred to the crown wheel and pinion. This stops the wheel from spinning and maintains safety and drive.

Beyond this, Terrain Tamer has found the new shape provides better axle articulation, as well as almost no interleaf friction, allowing the spring to compress or extend with ease without touching each other until there is a reasonable load on the vehicle. This makes the springs quieter and minimises issues with rust build up, which can be a major cause of failure in standard leaf springs.

One of Terrain Tamer’s more recent additions is a range of fortified brake upgrade kits for Landcruiser VDJ76/78/79 models, made up of Terrain Tamer’s high-performance braking parts and offering a complete upgrade to improve performance in 4WDs operating in extreme conditions.

The kits include a Terrain Tamer heavy duty brake booster, which have been designed and engineered in Australia as an easy to fit, bolt-in replacement for the vehicle’s original booster, and feature a dual diaphragm design.

This design effectively doubles the diaphragm surface area, acting to reduce pedal effort and improve both the stopping power and the braking feel, without significantly increasing the overall size of the booster itself.

Essential for 4WDs that are towing or carrying heavy loads, Terrain Tamer’s heavy duty brake booster has been found to improve braking performance by up to 30 per cent in both anti-lock brake system (ABS) and non-ABS models.

As well as the brake booster, the new kits also include a Terrain Tamer braided brake hose kit, front and rear Terrain Tamer high performance slotted and dimpled rotors, and front and rear Terrain Tamer fortified brake pads.

Terrain Tamer’s fortified brake kit


Made from a copper free ceramic formulation, the fortified brake pads hold E1 Euro Certification and are made with exclusive tooling. They feature a red coating to assist with the bedding-in process and while useful in everyday applications, they are designed for vehicles placing their brake system under significant pressure, such as those with a GVM upgrade or carrying significant loads.

The benefits of the pads are most apparent in extreme braking events, such as long downhill durations, when they will hold braking integrity. Benefits also include reduced dust and improved wear resistance and braking capacity, both beyond industry standard and surpassing their OE equivalent.

Finally, Terrain Tamer has developed a sealed alternator assembly for Toyota Landcruiser VDJ76/78/79 models.

Developed as a solution for vehicles working in underground mining conditions, which were seeing frequent premature failure of their alternator units due to contamination from mud and slush, the sealed alternator comes complete with all required pipes, hoses, bolts and clamps, and includes a 12-month warranty.

The sealed alternator assembly design encases one of Terrain Tamer’s OE replacement alternator units in a sealed metal shell, protecting it from harsh contaminants and greatly extending its service life. This ultimately saves operators the cost of replacement parts and frequent downtime for vehicle maintenance.

The design has deliberately been kept simple, requiring no fluid or hydraulics for operation, and instead utilising a standard plug-in connection that cools air and reduces the operating temperature by boosting air flow.

These products are just some of Terrain Tamer’s light vehicle range, which also includes products such as heavy-duty radiators, full-time conversion kits and fortified clutches, among many others.

For more information visit terraintamer.com or call 1300 888 444.

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