Tennant provides dust, debris control in mine operations

Challenging environments like mine sites, wharfs and heavy vehicle workshops demand robust, built-to-last cleaning solutions.

With its extensive line-up of mining/heavy industry machinery, Tennant delivers on productivity, durability and workplace health and safety (WH&S) efficiencies.

As ever-more stringent protocols are implemented across Australia, designed to keep workforces safe and minimise environmental impact, demand has never been higher for total equipment solutions that can tick all the boxes and exceed (productivity) expectations.

Simultaneous sweeping and scrubbing

Where large quantities of wet debris, dirt and oil needs to be cleaned up quickly, Tennant’s line-up of Sweeper-Scrubbers are infinitely up to the task.

The M-Series machines sweep and scrub simultaneously and are available with a range of power sources (battery, LPG or diesel) depending on your facility requirement.

The M17 is an all-electric (fume free) Ride-On Sweeper-Scrubber equipped with DFS (dual force sweeping) technology and will maintaining indoor air quality with its a 2-stage dust control system.

Cleaning time is extended with the largest available battery capacity in its class.

Dust control and sweeping

The Tennant 800 Industrial Ride-On Sweeper is a popular unit used by customers in the mining industry.

It maximises cleaning productivity with its wide cleaning path, large (up to 907 kilograms) capacity hopper and operator-friendly features.

Capable of capturing cement dust to heavy debris, its heavy-duty T-beam steel construction and high-performance (HEPA available*) dust containment system make it ideal for Australia’s harsh environments.

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